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Ho to buy

All DVBLink programs can be purchased using "Buy Now" functionality of DVBLink Configuration web page (How to access DVBLink Configuration web page):

Dvblink buynow.jpg

Pressing "Buy Now" button will lead you to DVBLogic website where you can select and purchase DVBLink products.

Once we have received your order, we will immediately send to you an e-mail containing information on how to access DVBLink License Portal.

How to activate

To activate your copy of the DVBLink product, open DVBLink Configuration webpage (How to access DVBLink Configuration web page) and navigate to Products tab. Select the product in the product list and press Activate button for Activation dialog to appear:

Dvblink register v6.jpg

Enter your DVBLink license portal login information, that you have received in the e-mail, into the correspondent dialog fields and press Register button.

Please remember that registration information of DVBLink products is locked to a specific system, where it is running. It might happen that after HW changes the registration information becomes invalid. If this is the case, please contact DVBLogic at to get a new key.

Manual activation

The activation procedure, described above, requires active internet connection. If the system where DVBLink software is running does not have internet connection you may use manual activation option:

How to activate DVBLink product manually

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